An Introduction to Cancer Therapy   

Cancer therapy includes the treatment methods that are performed to diagnose this disease. The treatments given to patients are designed in such a way that would kill or remove the cancerous cells. In this regard there are several treatments that are used in combination and simultaneously. Physicians can perform direct surgery to heal the cancerous cell or take the help of radiation therapy. The radiation therapy is a new introduction in the area of cancer therapy that uses high-energy waves like X-rays to kill the infected cells. This minimally invasive therapy can also be used in conjunction with surgery and chemotherapy to diagnose tumor.     

The use of radiation depends on many factors including type and stage of cancer, physical condition of the patient, and location of the cancerous cells. In this treatment, radiologist uses the high-energy radiation to destroy the cancer cells’ ability to reproduce other cells. The prostate cancer and larynx cancer can be effectively treated in this manner.

People with suspected cancer have to undergo some medical tests to detect the size and location of the cells. These tests commonly include blood tests, CT scan, X-rays and endoscopy. Instead of surgery, radiation treatment is the most effective against the limited number of cancers. Probably surgery is preferred for lesions that are located in an area where radiation might cause damage to the other adjoining cells. The CT scan is performed to identify the tumor and then patient receives a small mark to guide the placement of the treatment. This therapy is commonly used to treat several types of cancers like lung cancer, breast cancer, renal cell cancer, liver caner etc.

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