Importance of Bone Density Test

Bone density test determines the exact constituents of elements and compounds which it is composed off. It is very essential to have a normal bone density, as it can cause several problems that may lead to easy fracture of bones. The bone density is measured per square centimeter of bones using a procedure called bone densitometry.

Bones are important constituents of our body, which make the skeletal system. The composition of bone is very important which some time changes with age and in some cases the composition of bone reduces to a low level which gives rise to a malady called osteoporosis. Which can be detected by a technique called Bone Densitometry.

With rapid increase in osteoporosis in past few years, importance of bone density test has increased up. A large number of people are facing this problem after coming to their old age. However some time even young adults may have deficiency of normal bone constituents. Today, most of women are suffering from osteoporosis. This problem can be reduced to a great extent by undergoing bone density test.

Osteoporosis can be easily diagnosed by Bone densitometry; it is one of the most widely used techniques all over world to detect osteoporosis. The technique is usually performed in radiology department. It is performed on the basis of dual X-ray absorptiometry, which is called Bone densitometry in medical terms. Final results are made comparing the normal bone density and that of detected one. Regular bone density test can help in reducing osteoporosis to a great extent.

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