How to Prevent Bone Density Loss?

Bones are a major part of the skeletal system. Bone density is the amount of bone mineral content in the bone. Bone density loss often leads to osteoporosis, a kind of bone disease that leads to an increase rate of fractures. Bone densitometry is the test for measuring the density of your bones.

Bone density loss is a serious medical issue affecting the post-menopausal women because of the decreased amount of estrogen produced by the body. Bone density loss can also occur in men and women of any age, if they have a hormonal imbalance. Loss of bone density increases the risk of fractures.

To prevent bone density loss you need to follow a balanced diet and a holistic lifestyle. Milk has a lot of calcium that increases the bone density. Broccoli, nuts, figs, beans and greens are the other foods that are high in calcium. A diet rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Calcium can prevent bone density loss.  The bones contain 30 per cent organic matter of which 90 per cent is collagen. Vitamin C aids in collagen production thereby helping in strengthening the bones.

Your lifestyle is as important as your diet. To prevent bone density loss, a healthy lifestyle is recommended. Smoking, drinking can increase the risk of osteoporosis by a large percentage. Alcohol consumption increases the production of the parathyroid hormones, which decrease the calcium reserves of the body.
Bone density loss is a curable disease. After forty, it is advisable to visit a doctor regularly.

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