Bone Density Screening Can Prevent Osteoporosis

Bone mineral density is an important factor for normal functioning of bones and its strength. The reduce level of bone density minerals give rise to a disease commonly called as osteoporosis. The disease is very common among old women. Although men are also get affected by this malady. Since the disease can affect any one and it is very unpredictable. Its symptoms are fractures of bones and weakening of bones, which is normally unpredictable. To overcome this problem bone density screening tests are performed at large scale in various hospitals.

Bone Density Screening test is an important test carried out in many hospitals of radiology department. The test is basically a preventive measure took at large scale by government authority. Bone Density Screening also called Bone Density Scan. The bone density test gives the exact amount of bone element per square centimeters of bone, the test used to determine this called as bone densitometry test. It is one of the most widely used techniques all over world to detect osteoporosis. The technique is usually performed in radiology department. It is performed on the basis of dual X-ray absorptiometry, which is called Bone densitometry in medical terms. Final results are made comparing the normal bone density and that of detected one. Apart from this there are many other techniques as well which are practiced in hospitals. Ultrasound, Quantitative computed tomography (QCT), are some of the newer technique which are under practiced but they have certain limitation at some or other point of diagnosis.

It is important to understand that bone density screening is done for screen those people, who are at risk osteoporosis, and the test does not give any kind of remedy, it is only a preventive measure to avoid osteoporosis.


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