The Bone Density Tech and the Various Bone Diseases

The main purpose of performing the bone density test is to check for the disease of the osteoporosis. Considered to be a life threatening disease, this disease happens when the bones in the body become weak and thin. Calcium that is one of the primary minerals strengthening the bones becomes less. Some other minerals that also keep the bines strong become less along with calcium that leads to the weakness and the thinning of the bones. The osteoporosis is quite common among the women that are past menopause.  It has been estimated that about one-fourth of women who fracture their hip bones after the age of 50 die within one year.

The bone density tech is based on the technology called the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry or DEXA for short. A machine utilizing this technology is used in order to get the bone density. In the bone density tech this machine takes the picture of the bones in the hip, spine, wrists and the total body and then calculates their density. The bone density tech also uses another technology called the Dual Photon Absorptiometry and the quantitative computed tomography scans (measuring the spine). Sometimes the bone density scanners are also used in the bone density tech in order measure the bone density of the wrists.  

In many countries the bone density test utilizing the bone density tech is covered by the insurance. The test takes about 20 minutes and is also quite inexpensive. It can be a very useful test that can determine the true extent of various diseases that might be present in the bones.

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