The Functionalities of the Bone Density Test Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone in which the bones become less dense as well as are not as strong as the normal bone. A person who is suffering from the disease of osteoporosis is always at a risk of getting fractured even with minor accidents like a fall from the standing height, a cough or a sneeze. People generally do not realize that they have osteoporosis until they have a fracture or are advised a screening test for osteoporosis. The factors that can cause osteoporosis are older age, family history of the disease, inactive life style, alcohol, smoking and the use of other medications like the steroids. Women are four times more likely of getting afflicted with this disease. The measurement of the bone density is the best way to determine the strength of the bone. The bone density test osteoporosis can help in the cognizing the fracture risk in the patient.

A bone density test is done using the X-rays to measure the amount of grams of calcium and the other bone minerals packed in a segment of the bone. A bone density test osteoporosis can fairly accurately predict the probability of getting a fracture. The higher is the bone mineral content, the denser your bones would be and the denser your bones are the less likelihood of their breaking. It has to be understood that the bone density tests are not similar to the bone scans. The bone scans require that an injection be administered before the scan and is generally used to detect fractures, infections, as well as the other abnormalities of the bone.  

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