Why Bone Density Women Needs Greater Attention and Research

Bone density in women is different than what it is in men. It has been estimated that among men and women of the same age, the women are more susceptible of getting afflicted with the various diseases due to the loss of bone matter. Bone density women are a subject of debate since a long time now. It has been observed that men have a higher bone density than the women. Moreover the women loose a lot of bone mass in their menopausal years which makes them more susceptible to the diseases like the osteoporosis.

The national osteoporosis foundation has given recommendation regarding the testing of the following women:

  1. All the women above the age of 65 should be tested for the diseases like osteoporosis
  2. Women who are deficient in estrogen should be tested for the clinical risk
  3. Postmenopausal women who report for fractures
  4. Even the younger postmenopausal women should be checked for various risk factors
  5. Women with a history of eating disorders
  6. Women with vertebral abnormalities
  7. Women who are either receiving or would be receiving long term glucocorticoid therapy
  8. Women with primary hyperthyroidism
It has been observed that even the pregnant women are at a risk of diseases that might arise due to the loss of bone density women. Bone density women are still being researched in almost all the major laboratories in the world. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that even the women with the sufficient amount of bone density can get afflicted with diseases like osteoporosis due to the loss of bone density women during the times of menopause.

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