Some Useful Breast-Imaging Techniques

Breast abnormalities are detected using a variety of techniques. However, breast-imaging techniques are extremely useful in this regard. Besides providing a view of the breast from different angles, such techniques also help in detecting the presence of any abnormality or growth in the breasts.

While mammography remains the most prevalent technique, other useful breast-imaging techniques include breast ultrasound; MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) guided breast biopsy, breast MRI, nuclear medicine imaging as well as ultrasound-guided breast biopsy.

Mammography refers to a distinct type of imaging technique which utilizes low-dose X-ray systems for examination of breasts. In this technique, a mammogram facilitates early detection as well as diagnosis of breast diseases. There are different forms of mammography such as diagnostic mammography, screening mammography, computer-aided detection and digital mammography. Moreover, mammography is a screening tool for breast cancer.

Breast ultrasound is primarily utilized for diagnosis of breast abnormalities that are detected by a doctor during physical examination as well as potential abnormalities observed during mammography. The technique also helps in determining if a breast abnormality is non-cancerous tissue lump, fluid-filled or solid. Moreover, breast ultrasound is also useful for identifying additional features of abnormal areas. Likewise, an ultrasound-guided breast biopsy utilizes ultrasound imaging for directing radiologist’s instruments towards area of abnormal growth.

Breast MRI refers to a non-invasive medical test which facilitates physicians in diagnosis as well as treatment of medical conditions. The technique utilizes a powerful magnetic field, a computer as well as radio frequency pulses for producing pictures of abnormal areas of breast.

Breast examination on a regular basis is extremely essential for women aged 40 and above. Detection of abnormalities at the initial stages can enable the prevention of dangerous diseases like breast cancer.

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