Ways to Build the Bone Density in the Best Possible Manner

All across the world the awareness about the building of bone density is becoming increasingly popular. To be more specific, the idea is to build the bone density in the most natural of ways. The bone density is the amount of matter per cubic centimeter of the bone. The bone density in a body is measured by the instrument called densitometry. The loss of bone density could lead to many diseases, the most common of which is the disease of osteoporosis. The various statistics have shown that women are 68% more likely to get afflicted with the disease of osteoporosis, or porous bones than men. It has also been observed that with age the percentage of men suffering from this disease also increases. There are many other instances that can lead to the disease of the osteoporosis. As a result, people are getting more and more inclined to build bone density. The more natural is the way the better it is.

Bone comprises of two main components called collagen, which is a protein that is needed for the framework of the bones as well as the calcium phosphate that strengthens as well as hardens the frame work. Although it is impossible to change one’s age, gender, and body size, there are myriad of ways to build bone density.

Some of these steps are:

  1. Dietary Changes: Changes should be made in the diet of the individual to include food products that have more calcium. Products like yogurt, cheese, ice-cream, spinach, bok choy, fish sardine, dark green leafy vegetables, almonds etc. are some of the food products that are rich in calcium. 
  1. Reduction in Alcohol: Heavy drinking causes increased bone loss. Thus heavy drinking should be avoided at any cost.
  1. Increased Sunlight: Increased exposure to the sunlight leads to the better absorption of the calcium by our body.
  1. Quit Smoking: The cigarette smoke causes poor absorption of the calcium in the body.
In addition to such measures, there are many other factors that can help to build bone density.

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