Radiology Is Indeed a Good Career

Well, among the various careers that are available for the students to choose from, one career that can really open a window of opportunities is that of radiology. A recent survey conducted by the American Society of Radiologic Technicians have found that the national annual salary of the radiologists working in the country is about $65,401 which has seen a tremendous increment over the past years. Among all the places that the radiologists work, the majority of them getting this high salary were the ones who were working in medical and diagnostic laboratories.

But even among these the best opportunities exist for the people who are adept in various different as well as complex imaging techniques like CT-scans, and MRIs. Another important point that has to be highlighted is that there is a shortage of radiologists and that means that a qualified radiologist can bargain a better salary. It also means that there are many job opportunities available open for the people who want to take up this career.

Let us first understand the work that a radiologist does during the course of his career.  

A trained radiologist is supposed to carry out the technical work like performing MRIs, taking CT-scans, and conducting X-rays. Another important aspect that a radiologist is supposed to develop or rather have an innate ability is good communication skills. This is required as the radiologist in many cases is supposed to communicate to the patients the technical procedure that he is conducting on them. A radiologist needs to have a complete expertise over the equipment that he is using. As a radiologist gains experience he becomes a lot more confident and can carry out some of the more complex imaging techniques.

The course work that is included in a radiologist’s career is:
  • Radiation Physics and protection
  • The principles involved in imaging
  • Anatomy as well as physiology
  • A thorough  knowledge of Radiobiology
  • A good knowledge of patient care including that of positioning the patient

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