Limited But Effective Treatment Of Carotid Artery Stenosis  

There are four major arteries that supply blood to the head, and in which a pair of common carotid arteries run up the neck. The carotid stenosis is a condition of narrowing or constriction of the inner surface of the carotid artery that usually causes atherosclerosis. These arteries are situated on both sides of the neck under jaw and start from the aorta. At the throat, it forks into the internal and external carotid arteries. The external carotid artery supplies the face and internal carotid artery interns the skull to supply the brain via cerebral branches.

Narrowing of these vessels may be related with transient ischemic attack, while obstruction renders a stroke. These arteries have two specialized sensory regions in the neck that is called carotid sinus as well as carotid body. The plaque can be stable and asymptomatic that can be a source of embolization. The risk of carotid artery, stenosis, can be evaluated by the viewed symptoms on imaging. The blockage in these arteries causes very serious medical condition, the common symptoms are heart attach or paralysis, hissing sound in either ear, temporary loss of vision or hearing, difficulty in speaking, severe headache etc.

Carotid artery stenosis refers to the plaque in the artery walls in our body. Once the arteries get hardened, it will gradually lose its elasticity. This condition is called arteriosclerosis. The supply of blood and oxygen to the neck will be blocked and tissue will start die. Physicians have very limited effective isomers that have the capability to reverse the carotid artery stenosis.

The carotid stenosis can be diagnosed by the color flow duplex ultrasound scan of these neck arteries. It involves no radiation and needle, and no contrast agent may cause allergic reactions. A fantastic nutrition supplement can rectify this problem of carotid artery stenosis.    

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