An Effective Cancer Treatment Comes Through Chemotherapy Radiation  

In the radiation therapy, the chemotherapy is the diagnosis procedure which involves drug medication to kill the fast growing cancerous cells in the body. These fast growing cancerous cells develop tumors. This radiation therapy is for multipurpose use but it may cause some side effects like hair loss and others skin problems. Typically this treatment can be performed with the different drugs for different types of cancer cell. Radiation therapy performs with the X-ray exams that kill cancer and shrink tumors. Many patients of cancer take this treatment for the quick and effective diagnosis.

Chemotherapy involves antimetabolites that attempt to decrease the growth reproduction of cancer cells. The Cytotoxic drugs are used to prior to surgery to kill these damaged cells. This therapy was first developed as a U.S. Army gas program during the World War II. This radiation treatment uses radioactivity including ionizing radiation from X-rays or Cobalt, Gamma-rays as killing agents in the treatment. It aims at killing the malignant cells and tissues that cause cancer. Though radiation can treat these infected cells, but this method can cause secondary cancers after the treatment of primary tumor or cancer. Tumor shrinkage also causes other skin problems on the body. There are many chemotherapy drugs are targeting at controlling the growth and reproduction of cancer cells rather than destroying them.  

There are basically three divisions of radiotherapy, such as external beam radiotherapy (EBRT or XRT) or teletherapy, brachytherapy or sealed source radiotherapy, and systemic radioisotope therapy or unsealed source radiotherapy. These are employed for the different diseases like breast cancer, rectal cancer and brain cancer. Chemotherapy radiation also considers many factors, such as stage of tumor, location of the damaged cells and physical condition of the patient. Its use in the neck, liver, lung, colon, brain and rectal tumors is very effective.

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