How Citracal Helps In Increasing Bone Density

Calcium is extremely essential for building strong bones. In the present scenario; busy lifestyles, stress, health problems and situations like pregnancy can increase the calcium requirements of an individual. At times, it is difficult to get the adequate quantity of calcium from food. Here, calcium citrate helps in bridging the gap.

While the market is flooded with dozens of calcium supplements, Calcium citrate or citracal is a very useful calcium supplement. Citracal which is prepared using calcium citrate can be broken down without using stomach acid. Moreover, the substance can be easily absorbed even if it is consumed empty stomach. This means that citracal may be taken any time with or without the meals.

Citracal can be used for stabilizing the bone mass and enables in reducing the rate of bone loss. Consequently, citracal is extremely essential for improving bone density. In the form of a calcium source, citracal remains the preferred alternative which facilitates in maximizing the benefits of using a calcium supplement.

Since citracal helps in enhancing bone density, it offers protection against osteoporosis as well as other bone diseases which may be caused due to lack of calcium. The action of citracal can restrict the breakdown of bones and offer protection against developing brittle and thin bones.

In general, the recommended doses of calcium are different for children and adults. While the recommended quantity of calcium is 800 mg a day for children in the age group of 3-8 years, adults need to take 1,200 mg of calcium everyday.

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