The Importance of Computer Aided Detection (CAD) In Treatment

The usefulness of computer aided detection in the diagnosis as well as treatment of various diseases and in particular the breast cancer is well known. To be precise, the CAD is the procedure of interpreting the computer images that are produced through various imaging techniques like MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound. These various techniques give out images that contain in them a lot of information that has to be carefully studied, evaluated as well as analyzed by the radiologist. The technique of CAD helps the radiologist in scanning the digital images for typical appearances, and also to highlight various sections in the images that are conspicuous and might indicate some diseases.

The most important aspect of the CAD technique is that it is an interdisciplinary technique that involves rudiments of digital imaging techniques, radiological image processing as well as artificial intelligence.  The technique of CAD is most prominently used in the detection of tumors, particularly in the case of mammography that is used to detect breast cancer in women.

In the technique of mammography the CAD technique is usually used to detect conspicuous structures as well as sections. While diagnosing the breast cancer the technique of CAD can easily highlight the hyperdense structures as well as micro calcification clusters in the soft tissues of the breast. In the present case of mammography CAD can help the physician in interpreting the medical images that are generated by the various imaging techniques. The final say on the issue is still in the hands of the physician.

In the case of mammography the technique of CAD is used in the early detection of breast cancer in women. The system of CAD has a firm presence in the Countries like America and Netherlands. Here it is used in the detection of conspicuous structures as well as sections along with the study that is done by the radiologist. Although it has proved to be quite helpful in mammography, a recent 2008 review concluded that CAD is not that effective in the case of mammography. It only increases the rate of false positives in the case of breast cancer.  

Whatever the case might be the technique of CAD is most widely used by the radiologists in order to make an early detection of the breast cancer in the women, particularly elderly women in whom the incidence of breast cancer is very high.

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