Connecticut Medical Group: Highlights and Services

Connecticut Medical Group is the biggest internal medicine as well as medical specialty practice in the area of New Haven. The organization maintains thirty providers across twelve offices in areas like Woodbridge, Hamden, Guilford, East Haven, Cheshire and New Haven.

The organization strives to focus all its resources towards the welfare of its patients. Moreover, the organization attempts to offer premium quality personalized medical care to the patients.

The medical environment in today’s world is highly complicated. Consequently, the patients need focused primary care physicians for monitoring and supervision of their care.  Connecticut Medical Group maintains a dedicated team of doctors who possess the necessary experience and expertise. Moreover, the organization is well-established in the area of New Haven. Therefore, the patients can be referred to the finest specialists across the region.

Full-service approach remains the core competency of the organization. Therefore, the organization maintains an in-house medical laboratory and provides a number of testing facilities. The facilities provided include Cardiology and Ultrasound Laboratory which is utilized for cardiac ultrasound testing, holter monitoring, stress ultrasound testing and stress test. Moreover, the laboratory also provides for ultrasound testing of pelvis, veins, thyroid, carotid arteries and abdomen. Besides this, facilities for conducting DEXA scans for osteoporosis are also available. Apart from these, the testing facilities can also be utilized for conducting X-rays of bones and chest. In addition, the facilities also incorporate a clinical laboratory.

The organization attempts to maintain the trust of the people by complying with the applicable state regulations and laws.

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