Find A Convenient Imaging Solution Through Computed Radiography

Computed radiography (CR) is a kind of digital transformation that is used to produce the images of the body parts. In this imaging solution, an imaging plate is used. This imaging plate is made of photostimulable phosphor and is placed under the body part or object to be examined. The computed radiology imaging devices are used with multiple workstations. And after its injection, the x-ray exposure is made. This plate is run through a special laser scanner and after that it can read the digital images. With the help of advanced digital image-processing software, the images can be viewed in an enhanced manner along with adequate contrast, zoom and filtration.

In the technique of computed radiography, the taken images can be examined immediately and sent to the subsequent computer network. It has enormous benefits, and physicians can view the digital images in a desktop of personal computer. The images are no longer held in a single location and patient can have all the details of his or her x-ray on a compact dist to another physician. The computed radiography imaging solution is different from the direct radiology (DR). Though both methods use a medium to capture x-ray energy and produce a digital image that can be enhanced for soft copy. But CR involves the use of a cassette containing the imaging plate and DR typically captures the image directly into a flat panel detector without using cassette.

The computed radiology imaging plate can be re-used many times with careful handling and an image can be erased by exposing the plate to a room-level fluorescent light. The computed radiography imaging solutions can be retrofitted to existing exam rooms and shared between multiple exam rooms. There are certain advantages of the CR system, such as- it is not silver based film, it reduces the film storage cost, it probably requires fewer retakes due to under-or over-exposure. The images taken by this method can be transmitted for off-site review.

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