Dexa Scan Bone Density – Most Accurate Test for Evaluating Your Bone Density

Dexa scan bone density, also called Dual Energy X-ray Absortiometry is the most widely used method to measure bone mineral density. This test is conducted to determine if you have osteoporosis. Generally, osteoporosis is revealed through fractures of bones. The bones that are affected by this disease are in the areas of the hips, ribs, back and wrists.

During the test, the patient is asked to lie down on an examining table. X-ray energy from two different sources is directed towards the bone being examined in an alternating fashion at a set frequency. Each beam will have a different energy level. Dexa scan bone density has the capability to scan right through the layers of soft tissue and capture the images of the bones. Advanced testing are required to evaluate if you have or are developing osteoporosis. Dexa scan bone density is the preferred test to determine if you have osteoporosis. Depending upon the result of the test, a course of treatment can be medically prescribed to alleviate the ill-effects of this ailment. This test is generally conducted by a certified, skilled and trained radiology technician.

For a woman who has reached the age of sixty-five, it is highly recommended to get a Dexa scan bone density test done. The purpose of getting this test done is to get an idea about your bone mineral density. The results of the test can be your best defense or precaution against the devastating effects of osteoporosis. The doctor can suggest a course of treatment that will ensure better bone health.

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