Why Adopt The DIRECT Pathway?

DIRECT (Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Enhanced Clinical Training) pathway refers to the provisional pilot under the supervision of a professional organization. Generally, the purpose of such a pathway is to allow a clinical training of about two years. Therefore, the training adds to subspecialty VIR certificate and Diagnostic Radiology certificate.

The students can enter the pathway from a medical school or after completing two or more years of clinical training in any other discipline. The DIRECT pathway interventional radiology describes a training program for the individuals who are interested to pursue a career in the field of Interventional Radiology. The program enables in combining an IR fellowship in the framework of diagnostic radiology residency. After completion of training, the individuals are eligible to work for American Board of Radiology.

The residents who are entering the DIRECT pathway interventional radiology are required to undergo one year of clinical training besides the stipulated year which is presently needed. The duration of core diagnostic imaging training is twenty seven months. However, the VIR residency (non-fellowship) training is for a period of nine months.

The pathway differs from other degree courses or fellowship programs in terms of the mode of application. Generally, the individuals who intend to pursue a course apply themselves. However, in this case the application needs to be submitted by directors or program chairs. Therefore, the individuals are prohibited from applying on their own to this pathway. The training is extremely beneficial to individuals who need to compensate for the loss of time while studying any other discipline.

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