An Unconventional Method for Treatment of Varicose Veins

Often, patients suffering from varicose veins complain of discomfort and pain. However, the new laser procedure developed by Emory interventional radiologists is capable of removing the ugly and painful veins without any surgery. The minimally invasive procedure utilizing laser is the most advanced method for treatment of varicose veins.

The outpatient procedure developed by Emory interventional radiologists takes about 45 minutes for its completion. Moreover, it does not involve any anesthesia or scarring. Besides this, a minimally painful procedure adds to the convenience of patients. Therefore, a patient can return to the normal course of activities after undergoing the treatment.

The laser treatment is carried out through insertion of a catheter in one of the saphenous veins present in the legs. Generally, the catheter is inserted by making a small incision. Thereafter, epinephrine (a drug utilized for contracting blood vessels) is administered for reducing the loss of blood and bruising. Moreover, local anesthesia is also given for minimizing the pain. Next, a laser fiber is threaded into the veins with the help of an ultrasound machine. Later, the laser is emitted through this fiber. The laser beam is responsible for collapse and obliteration of varicose veins. Since blood flow of the vein is immediately stopped, the blood is automatically re-routed to remaining healthy veins. Therefore, the faulty vein need not be removed from the patient’s body.

The treatment has many benefits. Generally, the surrounding tissues are not affected as laser beams deliver light energy to targeted veins with a lot of precision. Moreover, such treatments are effective to a large extent during clinical trials.

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