Easy and Viable Method for the Treatment of Cancer

External beam radiotherapy, also known as teletherapy is an advanced method of treatment that uses high-energy X-rays for the treatment of cancer. In this method, the tumor can be diagnosed by the beam that is generated outside. Here patient sits on a couch and an external source of radiation is pointed at the particular part of the body. Unlike the internal radiotherapy, in which the radiation source is placed inside the body, the external beam radiotherapy concentrates at the tumor from out side the body.

Under the treatment process, Kilovoltage or superficial X-rays are used for skin cancer and superficial structures. On the other hand, Megavoltage or deep X-rays are used to diagnose the deep-seated tumors. The high energy X-rays help to destroy the cancer cells. During treatment, precision is much needed to ensure that normal tissues are not touched. The diagnosis method is being used for the treatments of several other severe diseases including breast cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer etc. To apply this treatment, we need a highly skilled team of specials like radiation oncologist, physicist and radiation therapist. It is oncologist who decides for the combination of therapies considered by the patient.

Talking about the equipment required for external radiotherapy, the oncologist uses cobalt machines or linear accelerators. During the treatment procedure, the doctor carefully positions the alignment lasers and marks the infected place for simulation. The imaging types may include X-rays, ultrasound, and cone beam computed tomography (CT). The whole process usually takes 10 to 30 minutes each day. And normally external radiation treatment is given once a day, 5 days a week and it may last up to 2 to 9 weeks.


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