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East River Medical Imaging offers the most comprehensive diagnostic professionals and equipment for radiology NY. For people inquiring about CT angiogram in NY, East River has come to include the GE Lightspeed 16 CT scanner in the group’s portfolio of services.

The Lightspeed 16’s debut at East River is the first at a free-standing imaging center. The capabilities of the Lightspeed 16 include CT angiography with advanced vessel analysis and CT virtual colongraphy in NYC. The Lightspeed CT also renders 3-D capabilities, giving more depth and detail to the images it provides. Dr. Richard Katz and his team of professionals are renowned innovators in the field of diagnostic medicine. The equipment offered at East River will help detect and treat anyone looking for a bone breast MRI in Manhattan, or a lung or prostate CT scan in NY.

A CT (Computed Tomography) scan is quite different from the PET scan, although they are similar in terms of purpose. A CT scan is also an examination that records the internal physiology of a patient, but unlike the PET scan which requires an injection of fluid to read the tissue, a CT image takes x-rays to visualize blood flow in arterial vessels throughout the body. CT combines the use of x-rays with computerized analysis of the images. Beams of x-rays are passed from a rotating device through the area of interest in the patient's body from several different angles so as to create cross-sectional images. The images are assembled by computer into a three-dimensional picture of the area being studied. This exam has been used to screen large numbers of individuals for arterial disease.

CT scans are also used to detect any obstruction of the arteries in the pelvis and in the carotid arteries bringing blood from the heart to the brain. An NY CT scan will show whether blood flow is constant and unobstructed. Examining arteries in the brain may help reach a correct diagnosis in patients who complain of headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, or fainting. Injured patients may benefit from CT angiogram if there is a possibility that one or more arteries have been damaged.

A CT angiogram New York is quick and painless. The procedure lasts about a half hour, from the moment you step into your hospital gown to the moment you leave the room. Most of the preparation comes in setting up the x-ray machine – the actual procedure only takes a few minutes. Before an x-ray is taken, you will be injected with an iodine solution that allows the blood to show up more distinctly on the image.

CT scans will help your team of radiologists help you in the fight against cancer and heart disease. Please notify your NY radiologist of any discomforts, allergic reactions or lingering ailments before, during and after your CT scan.

CT scans are commonly used to examine the pulmonary arteries in the lungs to rule out pulmonary embolism. They also help visualize blood flow in the renal arteries (those supplying the kidneys) in patients with high blood pressure and those suspected of having kidney disorders. Narrowing of a renal artery is a cause of high blood pressure in some patients, and can be corrected. A special computerized method of viewing the images makes CT renal scanning a very accurate examination. Additionally, CT angiograms identify aneurisms in the aorta or in other major blood vessels. Aneurysms are diseased areas of a weakened blood vessel wall that bulges out—like a bulge in a tire. Aneurysms are life-threatening because they can rupture.
CT scans also:

  • Identify dissection in the aorta or its major branches. Dissection means that the layers of the artery wall peel away from each other—like the layers of an onion. Dissection can cause pain and can be life-threatening.
  • Identify a small aneurysm inside the brain that can be life-threatening.
  • Detect conditions where the arteries to the legs have become narrowed.

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