The Advantage of the Full Field Mammography over the Other Method

Mammography is one of the most important procedures in the breast cancer treatment in women. It is useful in the early detection, and diagnosis of the cancer. As a result it is absolutely necessary that mammography procedures should see the improvement in order to make it a lot more comfortable as well as secure for the women. There are several procedures that are used in mammography. The two most common methods that are used in the mammography are the standard screen film mammography and the digital mammography.

In the standard screen film mammography an X-ray image is taken on the X-ray film. The other technology of the digital mammography has proven to be a lot safer and effective than the standard film mammography. The latest development in the field of mammography is the advent of full field digital mammography. The full field digital mammography has several advantages over the standard screen film mammography.

These advantages are:

  1. The average compression force in the full field digital mammography is 5% lesser than its film counterpart.
  2. The amount of radiation needed for the digital mammography is also 22% lower than that compared to the screen-film mammography.
  3. In about 21% of cases the digital mammography needs more than 4 normal views, whereas only 12% of standard mammography needs more than four normal views.
  4. Despite of the increased number of views the total radiation dose is 17% lower for the full field digital mammography.
Along with these additional technological advantages, the digital mammography detects more breast cancers than the standard mammography in the women above the age of 50.

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