Get a Dynamic History of Interventional Radiology to Know Its Development

Interventional radiology is a branch of radiology which involves the minimally invasive procedures performed under the image guidance. Some of these procedures are done for purely diagnosis purposes. One can find an interesting and comprehensive history of interventional radiology. The advancement in the field of radiological imaging such as Seldinger technique led it to a rapid development in the interventional procedures. Further, the cardiovascular procedures were found well-suited for guided and minimally invasive operations.

The catheterization remains as one of the major applications under interventional radiology. The involved radiologists pioneered modern medicine with the invention of angiography and the catheter-delivered stent. The catheter has the capacity to open the blocked artery. Charles Dotter, MD, the interventional radiologist who pioneered this technique, is known as the “Father of the Interventional Radiology”. From the history of interventional radiology one can understand that angiography and stenting revolutionized the practice of cardiology. MRI provides greater tissue contrast, at the cost of being expensive. It requires specialized instruments that will not interact with the magnetic fields present in the imaging volume.

There are some recent developments in interventional radiology that include- nonsurgical ablation of tumors to kill cancer without harming the surrounding tissue, Embolization therapy to stop hemorrhaging or to block the blood supply to a tumor, catheter-directed thrombolysis to clear blood clots, preventing disability from deep vein thrombosis and stroke, and carotid artery angiography and stenting to prevent stroke. Some of the common interventional imaging modalities include computed tomography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. Apart from some historical developments in interventional radiology, the ultrasound suffers from image quality and tissue contrast problems, but this technology has proved to be fast and inexpensive.

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