The Utility and the Importance of the Hologic Mammography Equipments

Breast cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world today that afflicts a large number of women all across the globe. The best possible cure for this malady can be had only if the diagnosis of the cancer can be made in the earlier stages. The diagnosis of the disease can be done with the help of the test known as the mammography. There are at present two methods in which the mammography can be done. One method is the standard screen film mammography in which an X-ray image of the breast is taken on the X-ray film. The other method that is considered to be a superior method is that of the digital mammography. Both of these tests need some of the most sophisticated equipments to detect the cancer in women of all ages comprehensively.

Hologic is one developer, manufacturer, and the supplier of the medical and the diagnostic imaging systems that are related to the women’s health. They are the developers of the digital imaging techniques that are used in the general radiography as well as the mammography applications. Hologic mammography is one of the best and the most advanced technique in the breast cancer diagnosis. The Hologic mammography is renowned around the world for providing with the best of services in detecting and treating the breast cancer in women all across the globe. Infact Hologic had been rewarded with the Frost and Sullivan’s Leadership of the year award in women’s healthcare. Hologic mammography was first demonstrated in the year 2003. At present the Hologic is currently developing the tomosynthesis technology for the breast cancer diagnosis.

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