It Is Easy To Become Radiologist

Radiology is the branch of health diagnosis that deals with application and study of imaging technology that uses X- ray and radiation to treat and diagnose diseases. Since this science of medicine deals with health, it becomes very important that people who are involved into this should be specifically qualified and have their initial certification in radiology. Radiologists are basically qualified people who have deep knowledge of array of radiology and imaging technologies. Radiologist who practice this technologies have their certifications in  imaging techniques like ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and other radiological technologies.

Certificate Programs in radiology:

There are number of programs and certificate course offered by educational institute which give initial certificate or a degree after completion of the course. The programs are usually framed for duration of one year or three years. The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiological Technology is the main accrediting body for education programs in this area. These programs require a basic education of 10+2 preferably in the science stream. Where as some other programs require associate's degrees and observational experience.

Coursework for initial certification:

Syllabus is framed for students for state licensing exams or initial certification. Students participate in classroom learning, laboratory work and clinical rotations. Coursework might include such courses as the following:
  • Radiological technology
  • Positioning
  • Medical ethics
  • Physics of radiology
  • Radiographic exposure
  • Radiation safety
Since this branch of diagnostic technique play an important role in diagnosis, doctors refer the patients to diagnostic centers where a radiologist diagnoses the patient for his further treatment. Hence radiology is considered as a bright and a prosperous career.


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