International Medical GraduInternational Medical Graduates Come With Quality after Rigorous and Evaluation Trainings

The term International Medical Graduates (IMGs) refers to those physicians who are graduated from the medical schools outside their native countries. They intend to practice those medical schools, which are listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) as accredited by the Foundation of International Medical Education and Research or the World Health Organization. An International Medical Graduate was earlier known as a Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG).

The medical schools around the world vary in educational standard, evaluation methods and curriculum. So the purpose of Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certificate is to assess readiness of international medical school graduates who wish to attain clinical specific training programs such as resident physicians and post fellowship programs. These programs are for those who have completed residency as resident physicians.

ECFMG acts as a registration and score-reporting agency for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) for the students from abroad. In other word, this agency acts as the Dean’s office for International Medical Graduates. To complete the study, students are required to obtain a license that varies by country and often state or province. IMGs who want to be licensed in Australia must access a certificate from the Australian Medical Council (AMC). After qualifying a series of exams they can obtain AMC certificate to apply in Australian specialty training positions. In Canada, IMGs have to gain pass mark on the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC) evaluating examination. Likewise, other countries also have several rounds of examination to provide qualification certificate for participation in the IMG’s programs.


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