Interventional Radiology and The Interventional Radiology Products

Interventional radiology (IR) is one of the latest radiology techniques that have been developed to diagnose as well as treat various diseases. The technique is also known as VIR that is (vascular and interventional radiology).  The interventional radiology is one kind of specific radiology in which minimal invasive procedures are performed using the image guidance. While on many occasions these procedures are used to diagnose diseases as in the case of angiogram, on the other hand these procedures are also used in order to treat certain disease. An example of such use of this procedure is the angioplasty.

The procedure is carried out while using small needles or other tiny instruments that are known as the catheters. The images that are taken provide the road maps for the radiologist in order to guide the interventional instruments through the body to the areas that contain diseases.  Considering the complexity of the procedure that is involved in the interventional radiology, the interventional radiology products that are used in the procedure are specific as well as unique.

Some of the interventional radiology products that are used for this specific method are:

  1. Diagnostic Peripheral Catherters
  2. Procedural trays, packs as well as kits
  3. Diagnostic Guide wires
  4. Needles as well as scalpels
  5. Syringes
  6. Drainage catherters and Accessories
  7. Introducers and accessories.
  8. Manifolds and stopcocks
  9. Therapeutic Infusion systems
  10. Inflation devices and accessories
All these interventional radiology products have further modifications and classifications that are used according to the need of the situation.

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