Magnetic Resonance Image – Useful For Detection of Disorders

Magnetic resonance imaging is a non-invasive and a radiation free method that enable you to obtain results of the scanning process within a 24 hour period. Using this method, evaluation of body parts from different angles is possible; this gives physicians a chance for close detection of disorders from the clear and detailed scanning results.

Computer monitored, superior quality cross sectional Magnetic resonance images assist doctors in the diagnosis process. For more accurate diagnosis, physicians now recommend Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

The MRI equipment consists of a massive, hollow cylindrical magnet. During the test, the patient is made to lie down on the table that is moved slowly into the MRI machine. The body part to be examined will be positioned at the center of the machine. The physicians will place a coil capable of receiving radio waves to that particular body part. Further, the radio waves and magnetic waves will be directed to the specific site of the body that is to be scanned. The Magnetic resonance image obtained in different dimensions will be projected on a computer screen.

A magnetic resonance image can clearly indicate tumors and other disorders of the brain and the spinal cord. Even the soft body tissues are detailed in it clearly. Any kind of abnormality in the bones, shoulder, knee, hip, ankles, abdomen, pelvis and breast can be observed in the MRI.
High quality cross sectional images can be obtained using this technique, a diagnostic procedure that can successfully overcome the shortcomings of other older scanning techniques.

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