Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centers Are Promising To Provide Quality Imaging Services

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI) scan is a radiology technique that uses magnetism, radio waves, and a computer to produce images of body organs. It is primarily a medical imaging technique of radiology to visualize detailed structure and function of the body. There are many magnetic resonance imaging centers equipped with such scanning modalities to serve patients.

With the help of MRI techniques, physicians can find much greater contrast between different soft tissues of the body than computed tomography and ultrasound. The MRI scanner is a tube surrounded by a giant circular magnet in which patient is placed in a movable bed and then inserted into the magnetic field. This technology is especially useful in neurological (brain), musculoskeletal, oncological (cancer) and cardiovascular. MRI scan can evaluate various health conditions such as spine, joints, heart, brain and blood vessels.

The MRI equipment comes with attached magnet that creates a strong magnetic field that aligns the protons of hydrogen atoms, which are then exposed into the magnet. It uses radio frequency fields that are used to systematically alter the alignment of this magnetization, causing the hydrogen nuclei to produce a rotating magnetic detectable by the scanner. This signal can be manipulated by additional magnetic fields to build up enough information to construct an image of the body. Images provided by the MRI centers are quite detailed to detect changes of structures within the body. In the magnetic resonance centers, patients will find the many facilities including the services of radiologists and insurance. These centers are committed to provide highest quality services to the needy people.    

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