The Comparison Between the Mammogram and Ultrasound to Fight Breast Cancer

Women down the ages have been suffering and in large percentages succumbing to the disease of the breast cancer. It’s only now that it has been realized that the breast cancer can be treated completely if the cancer is detected in the earlier stages. It is important to understand that the technology has advanced to a level where the early detection of the breast cancer can be done and the subsequent treatment can be started that can cure the patient from this dreaded disease. It is also notable that there are various imaging techniques available like the mammogram and the ultrasound that can help in the earlier diagnosis of the cancer. However there are certain differences between the mammogram and ultrasound that need to be considered before taking the final decision.

A Comparison between the Mammogram and Ultrasound

  1. Quite unlike the mammogram that uses the radiation the ultrasound uses mechanical waves that are not at all harmful for the human body.
  2. Considering the price factor, the ultrasound is comparatively cheap as well as available at almost all the health centers.
  3. Whether the lump is benign or malignant can be easily detected by the ultrasound which is not the case with the mammogram.
  4. Mammogram does not works properly when the breasts are dense
  5. Ultrasound is painless as compared to the mammogram which is slightly painful.
  6. While mammogram detects the microcalcifications in the breasts the ultrasound can detect its shape and size as well.
  7. Ultrasound scans the whole breast where as the mammogram detects only a portion of the breast.
  8. An ultrasound is a lot more comfortable when as compared to mammogram that requires the compression of the breasts
  9. An ultrasound can easily make out the difference between a solid tumor as well as cysts that are filled with fluid.
On comparing the mammogram and ultrasound, although the ultrasound is more effective yet the mammogram is more widely used as the ultrasound can give many false positives.  


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