What Mammography Equipments Are All About

Mammography is a specific type of imaging technique that uses low dose x-ray system for effective diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer. Certain parameters have been set for the mammography equipments that involve exposure to radiation for medical procedures. This applies to the radiology equipments used in clinical work and in screening. In these equipments, radiographic film and an intensifying screen are used in imaging.

A mammography unit is a rectangular box that produces x-rays for breast examination. Accessories are attached that hold and compresses the breast and positions it in such a way that only the breast is exposed to the x-rays. This arrangement enables the radiologist to capture images at different angles.

A safety license should be granted for clinical mammography examinations and mammography screening. Once the safety license is granted, the mammography equipment can also be used for examining the outermost limbs and tissue samples.

These mammography equipments should be able to capture x-ray images of high standard. The technical and the operational properties of the radiology equipment and the associated ancillary equipments must be monitored at the time of quality control and during use.

Before examining the patient, the operation of the equipment should be checked by taking an X-ray of a test device for assessment of the optical density, contrast and spatial resolution of the X-ray image. To minimize image fading, the images should be developed at the site of the equipment.

The mammography equipments should be sited in the examination room to prevent any radiation hazard.

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