The Breast Cancer and the Mammography Machines

 In order to detect, diagnose and treat the breast cancer in women, it is required that the breast X-ray is done using the sophisticated machines and it is followed by the follow up procedures. The X-ray examination involves both the imaging as well as the interpretation of the results. However there are certain restrictions that have been imposed upon the use of radiation during any of the diagnostic procedures.

Mammography is one of the diagnostic tests that are done in order to detect and diagnose the presence of the cancer in the patients. It is one of the most advanced and the most effective diagnostic techniques that are done by the physicians to check whether the patient is showing some signs of the presence of breast cancer. The mammography is based on the imaging techniques that require the use of the radiations. How ever there are certain restrictions that have been placed on the use of radiation involving diagnostic machines like the mammography machines. It is important that the use of the mammography machines is done only after obtaining the safety license from the concerned department and informing them about the purpose behind the use of the mammography machines. On many occasions an X-ray machine might also be used in conjunction with the mammography machines to carry out the imaging of the outermost limbs as well as the tissue samples.

It is important to note that the technical properties of the mammography machines should be suitable for all kinds of mammography examinations and it must be possible to obtain the images of high caliber while using the mammography machines.     

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