Take The Appropriate Recommendations Before Going For Mammography Screening  

Mammography is typically performed for the screening. In the process of medical checkup, it uses low-dose amplitude X-rays to scan human breast. This treatment method is used as a diagnostic screening of the breast. It helps to detect breast cancer in the early stage so that it can reduce mortality from breast cancer.

Today, breast cancer has become the second (after lung cancer) leading cause of death in women. Women over 40 are very vulnerable to develop breast cancer, and for them mammography screening is a common recommendation so see the stage and intensity of this disease. This medical technique provides a noninvasive test that involves exposing part of the body to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body. There are two recent advancements in the mammography, such as digital mammography and computer-aided detection.  

In the digital mammography (also called as full-field digital mammography-FFDM) x-ray film is replaced by solid-state detectors to transform x-rays into electrical signals. These electrical signals are used to produce high resolution images of the breast that can be viewed on a computer screen and taken into the printed form. On the other hand, under Computer-aided detection one can get a conventional film mammogram. This system illustrates the infected areas on the images.    

During the scanning procedure, the breast is compressed by a dedicated machine that produces quality images of the tissue and holds the breast still. Mammography machine enables to take front and side images of the breast. Women are recommended not to use deodorant, cream or talcum powder that could discourage to have clear image. Overall, the mammography has enabled us to have a noninvasive scanning of the breast cancer.            

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