Mammography Test for Detection of Breast Cancer

Mammography test is a medical procedure of taking soft tissue X-rays in which two films of each breast are taken after adequate compression under an acrylic sheet. Without the compression of the tissues, the images may lack clarity and might not be able to provide the same level of information. The test is done by equipment in which the breast is placed on a platform and compressed for a very short period of time. The patient stands in front of the equipment while resting her breast on a platform.

A mammography test is done in the following cases:

  • If there is pain, discharge or a lump in the breast
  • If the patient has a family history of breast cancer
  • If a lump is felt during self or routine examination

There are some key aspects to be considered before going for mammography:  

  • The test should preferably be done after the month's menstrual cycle
  • It is better to avoid the week before your menstrual period
  • Do not use a lotion, deodorant or powder around the breasts or armpit, to ensure clarity of the images
The mammography test indicates calcifications and cysts, abnormality in the internal structure and also shows the presence of tumors. The test enables doctors to have a closer look for breast lumps and changes in breast tissue. Small lumps or growths that a doctor or woman may not be able to feel can be indicated by this test. The mammography test is considered to be the best screening tool that doctors suggest for finding breast cancer.


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