Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer can Save Your Life

Mammography is an imaging diagnostic technique that uses X-ray to examine breast at low level. The main purpose of using this technique is to diagnose breast cancer, which is a common occurrence among old women. This diagnostic technique is also called mammogram; it helps in an early detection or diagnosis of breast cancer in women.

The procedure of mammography is very simple, during which breast of the patient is slightly compressed by mammography machine to get good quality image. The machine takes front and side images of the breast. Any kind of cosmetic or powder should not be used before mammography diagnosis, as it collides with X-ray to give blurred images.

Two recent techniques have been detected in past few years for detecting breast cancer, digital mammography and computer-aided detection. In the first mammography technique instead of X-ray film solid-state detectors are used that convert x-rays into electrical signals. And in the second one digitized mammography image is used which helps software to search any abnormality or sign of cancer.

In the past few decades it has been observed that there is a rapid increase in breast cancer. A large number of women are dying every year due to breast cancer which is really a great concern of health among women. It is very difficult to cure breast cancer and hence doctors advice for the diagnosis of breast cancer among old women, in which it occurs very commonly. It is believed that mammography can reduce breast cancer to a large extent as it helps in early diagnosis of breast cancer. Once the diagnosis is done it becomes easy to treat early breast cancer and hence this technique is found to be very helpful in reducing mortality in women due to breast cancer.

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