Mobile Mammography – A New Concept

Breast cancer is very common among women. If detected on time, it can be cured. Very few women go for self exams. Either they have no time, or because of lack of convenience these women generally tend to come up with excuses.  Fortunately, the hospitals have come up with a new concept to combat these excuses by incorporating a mobile mammography unit into the services that they offer to the community.

This new mobile mammography concept has shown great success and community support in the areas that currently have the service. Initially, the concept of mobile mammography started as a service for the underserved such as those without transportation, insurance or low income families. Eventually, it became successful in other arenas as well. This concept was well accepted among working women and among women with children who did not have the time to take off work or be away from their children to get a mammography done.  Some companies are working with the hospitals, so that this new concept comes to their organization as a health benefit program for their employees.

This new concept is as safe and confidential as going to a fixed-site center. Using digitally advanced equipments, the patient gets to know about the technical accuracy of the image. Following her mammogram, she can ask questions and receive information about how her results will be communicated to her as well as her physician. If there is any abnormality in the results, you need to visit a hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

Work, family life, personal commitment keep us occupied. However, getting a self exam done is imperative in the fight against breast cancer.

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