The Different Modes of Medical Ultrasonography

We can in no way neglect the role of science in making the life of an ordinary man a lot more comfortable. Different fields of sciences have in their own ways increased the standard of living and also instilled in him a sense of security. But one thing that can really be described as nothing less than a revolution is the manner in which various branches of sciences have got entwined and hence given birth to some of the most useful products and practices. One such development is the technique called medical ultra sonography. Although the term ultrasound has its origins in physics and is purely a physical concept yet it has found tremendous use in the world of medicine like in the case of medical ultra sonography.

Precisely the term medical ultra sonography or diagnostic sonography can be defined as an imaging technique to visualize body structures like joints, muscles, vessels, tendons and also other internal organs. Medical ultra sonography can be used in diagnosis as well as therapeutic procedures. There are different modes of medical ultra sonography that are performed for various medical procedures. To get into the details, some of these modes of sonography are:
  1.  A-mode: This mode of Ultrasonography is the simplest of all the other practiced modes. In the A-mode of Ultrasonography, scanning of a single line through the body is done using a single transducer. The echoes are then plotted on the screen as a function of depth. Another use of this mode of Ultrasonography is in directing the destructive wave energy in a much focused manner onto a specific tumor or calculus.
  2. B-mode: In this mode of sonography a whole array of transducers are made to scan a plane through the body in order to have a two dimensional image on the screen
  3. M-mode: In this mode of sonography a rapid sequence of B-mode scans is carried out on the body that allows the doctors to analyze the range of motions.
  4. Doppler mode: In this mode the concept of Doppler Effect is used to measure as well as visualize blood flow.   
All these different modes of ultrasound have proved to be very helpful in diagnosing as well as treating numerous diseases.

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