Go For Magnetic Resonance Guided Breast Biopsy to Find A Non-Invasive Way of Treatment

Magnetic resonance for guided breast biopsy refers to the treatment process of breast cancer by going through scanning process. The tests of the breast by performing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are very effective to detect any lumps or abnormalities in the breast. Under the breast biopsy, physicians remove some cells by surgery or less invasive procedure with the help of hollow needle.

The help of Image-guided bioscopy is taken when the abnormal or infected area in the breast is too small to be felt, so the difficulty is well-handled by the images taken by magnetic resonance. Now, physicians are sufficiently guided by the magnetic resonance imaging to see the abnormal growth. However, the use of Mammographic screening for breast cancer is still controversial as image guided needle biopsy is not always able to diagnose the infected cells. But small lesion can effectively be removed through this treatment.

There are some common needs that insist to use the MRI-guided breast biopsy such as- the infected area is not detected by other imaging technique, to see the area of distortion and to change the abnormal tissue. Basically, the non-surgical or the MRI guided biopsy can be performed by four procedures that include Fine needle aspiration (FNA), Core needle (CN), Vacuum-assisted device (VAD), and Wire localization. Under the FNA and CN biopsy, physicians use a needle to collect sample tissues. So that more sample can be extracted by these procedures. On the other hand, Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy adopts a special instrument to remove samples. It inserts the probe and then a vacuum is used to suck out breast tissues from the damaged area. For that purpose (insertion of probe) the imaging machines like ultrasound and managing resonance imaging (MRI) can be used effectively. In this way Magnetic resonance-guided breast biopsy is able to diagnose breast cancer not by abiding much surgical process.


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