MRI Applications Have Tremendous Use

Many of the technical inventions that have seen the light of the day have proven to be the most useful in different streams as well as domains. One of the wonderful transformations that have taken place is the synergistic approach that the various branches of sciences have taken. Many of the intermediary disciplines have taken birth that are giving this world some of the most revolutionary technologies as well as instruments that are proving to be the most helpful in different applications. To be more precise, these developments have proven to be of great help in the medical profession.  One such technology that is a product of such a synergistic approach between various branches of sciences is the development of imaging techniques. MRI is one such technique that has really proven to be the most helpful in diagnosing as well as treating some of the most dangerous and life threatening diseases.

MRI or when expanded the Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the method of taking the images of internal body structures without making any incisions in the body. This technique of high resolution images of the internal organs of the patient’s body can really be made without using the X-rays. The method of MRI uses the radio frequency light and thus is completely harmless to the patients. This technique is really a boon to the doctors particularly if there is a need to study the nervous system of the patient’s body.

In the study of the patient’s brain it is very much necessary to determine exactly which part of the brain is controlling which body part. The MRI that is done in such cases is the functional MRI. In case a part of the brain is to be removed say because of a tumor, then it can only be determined by a functional MRI.

Some of the diseases for which an MRI is mandatory are:
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Strokes
  • Tumors
  • Degenerative diseases
  • The irregularities in the patient’s tissues or organs
  • Inflammation or infection in any organ

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