Needle Biopsy: An Effective Treatment Method Helps To Resume Your Usual Activities Soon

There are several methods to diagnose lung cancer where the use of X-rays can be taken into account. In this way there are several diagnostic tools and procedures that are being used, such as CT Scan, PET Scan, Bronchoscopy, Needle Biopsy, and Surgical biopsy. Under the needle biopsy, surgeon uses a CT scan to direct them in the insertion of a needle into the abnormality’s location within the lung. Lung nodules are probably detected on a chest X-ray and do not cause pain or other symptoms. This method is very effective to investigate persistent coughing or coughing up blood.

With the help of imaging examinations, such abnormalities like lung nodules can be detected effectively. In this method, the needle is used to remove some of the tissues associated with the abnormality. A major surgical biopsy can be avoided by performing a needle aspiration biopsy instead. The needle biopsy or needle aspiration uses less invasive procedure with the help of hollow needle to remove cells from a suspicious area within the body. Now the tissue is further analyzed to ascertain the possibility of cancer and malignant. The needle biopsy of lung nodules uses imaging techniques including computed tomography and fluoroscopy to guide interventional radiologist’s instruments that are used to detect the abnormal growth.

This method is comparatively safer and less traumatic than an open surgical biopsy, but there is a risk because the biopsy is very small and that the problematic cells would be missed and the taken cells may not enable a definitive diagnosis. Basically, the biopsy is performed by two reasons; it is performed on a lump or mass when its nature is in question, and for known tumors. Thus Needle Biopsy of Lung (Chest) Nodules is a reliable method to obtain tissue sample. This less invasive treatment procedure is not painful and the results are accurate enough while removing tissue sample. And the recovery time is also less than surgical treatment, so the patients are able to resume their usual activities soon.


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