Nerve Block: An Instant Relief to Your Pain

Nerve block refers to an injection of local anesthetic on or close to the nerves. This provides a temporary relief from pain. Definite patterns of nerve innervations exist in various parts of human body. A nerve block utilizes this anatomy of human body. The technique could also be utilized as a diagnostic tool for identification of specific nerves which are responsible for generating pain. Moreover, a permanent nerve block could also be produced by destroying the nerve tissues completely.

Never blocks are beneficial to people suffering from neck pain, shingles, peripheral vascular disease, spinal stenosis, lower back pain, sciatica (due to herniated disc), reflex sympathetic dystrophy, migraine headaches and even cancer.

Nerve blocks could be utilized in both temporary as well as permanent forms. Temporary nerve blocks could be produced by utilizing a combination of local anesthetic (like lidocaine) with a corticosteroid (steroid), epinephrine, or/and opioids. Epinephrine causes constriction in blood vessels leading to a delay in diffusion of anesthetic. Steroid facilitate in reducing inflammation. Moreover, opioids act as painkillers. Injection of nerve blocks could be in the form of a single treatment or multiple injections during a certain time-period.

Permanent nerve blocks could be produced by utilizing other methods or drugs such as phenol or alcohol for selective destruction of nerve tissues, cryoanalgesia for freezing nerves or radiofrequency ablation for destruction of nerve tissues by using heat.

Accurate location of target nerve remains the deciding factor for application of a nerve block.

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