The Effectiveness of Nuclear Medicine Brain Treatment

U.S. President George Bush in the year 1990 officially proclaimed that the 1990s would be the “decade of the brain”. He noted that the advances in the brain imaging devices are allowing the scientists a greater insight into the brain. According to Helen Mayberg MD, president of the brain imaging council, described the phenomenon by stating that” Brain imaging research finally caught up with imaging the rest of the body. It’s been an incredibly exciting time.” She points out that the brain imaging has changed the way people look at the illnesses that are associated with the brain like schizophrenia and depression. As far as the nuclear medicine is concerned, however, the decade had not been a major success. The brain imaging experts explain that the majority of the nuclear medicine practitioners still do not perform SPECT brain scans, as the referring physicians like the neurologists are reluctant to order the studies. Another factor is that the clinical research documenting the efficacy and the cost effectiveness of SPECT are still far behind the basic research on brain imaging. Thus the reimbursements for the nuclear medicine studies have been slow in coming.

But the nuclear medicine brain relationship can still have a bright future. It has been discovered that the SPECT and PET brain imaging are very effective in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of many brain disorders. In nuclear medicine brain treatments the exact location of the disease can be pinpointed and thus the treatment can be carried out effectively by destroying the effected tissues only. In nuclear medicine brain treatment, the nuclear brain imaging is considered to be a far better option than the other techniques of MRI, and CT scans. SPECT scans have proven to be more effective in evaluating the areas of brain injury in mild head trauma. Also it has been estimated that the PET and SPECT have 90% accuracy rates in diagnosing the Alzheimer’s as compared with the 50% accuracy rates for MRI and other diagnostic techniques.

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