Go Through Some Certification Programs To Make Career In Nuclear Medicine  

The aspirants who wish to make career in nuclear medicine have to complete certain academic course and training programs. These physicians are primarily responsible for the interpretation of diagnostic nuclear medicine scans and treatment of some specified diseases, including cancer, palliative bone pain, thyroid disease and others. Under the nuclear medicine certification course, the candidates are required to have the background in nuclear physics and medical imaging.

Nuclear medicine physicians have to interact with other specialties in medicine and consult on several clinical cases. They can be called upon to consult on complex or equivocal cases. There are some nuclear medicine certification and certificate programs that provide proper information about the practice and performance of this medical technique. This medicine is a form of diagnostic imaging that utilizes the power of radiation through drugs (radiopharmaceuticals). After administering this drug to patients, the technologists operate a scanner called gamma camera to detect the distribution of radiation emissions in the body. This scanning system helps to diagnose several infections and health problems. Those who are looking for this training can complete a program of nuclear medicine certificate.

In USA We Have Post-Doctoral Training In Nuclear Medicine That Can Be Classified In Three Different Pathways:

  • A person who has completed an accredited radiology residency then he/she is required additional one year of training in the field of nuclear medicine to be eligible for American board of nuclear medicine (ABNM) certification.
  • If the candidate has completed a clinical residency then there is 2 year of training in nuclear medicine needed to be eligible for ABNM board certification.
  • Those who have completed one year of preparatory post-doctoral training, for them there is an additional three years of training necessary for the nuclear medicine certification.

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