The Role and Importance of the Nuclear Medicine Journal

Nuclear medicine is one of the most promising forms of treatment in the world today. Almost all the diseases that were till now considered to be very dangerous or life threatening, have found their cure, to some extent, in the nuclear medicine. However there is a need to have a communication link between the various researches that are being carried out ion the field of nuclear medicine as well as the practitioners of this type of latest treatment methods. It is required that the people who are at the forefront of this revolutionary mode of treatment have a forum or some other means of communicating with each other so that they stay updated with the latest in the field of nuclear medicine. One way to achieve the agenda is to have nuclear medicine journal that can act as the bridge between the two communities- that of the scientists and that of the practitioners of this treatment method.

The nuclear medicine journal provides a forum where the exchange of the clinical as well as scientific information can take place between the scientists as well as the nuclear medicine practitioners that are involved in the functional, metabolic, and molecular investigation of the diseases. Many of these nuclear medicine journals are not limited to the field of medicine only but also are interested in the original work that is being done in the field of physics, dosimetry, radiation biology, pharmacy as well as the radiochemistry.

These nuclear medicine journals are an interesting collage of some of the most important topics in the world of medicine. They contain stuff like in-depth reviews of the topical interest, controversies, short communications, enticing images and the letters to the editor.

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