Many Nuclear Medicine Schools Are Promising To Produce Radiology Experts

Nuclear medicine is a special medicine used for medical imaging. It uses radioactive isotopes and then relies on the process of radioactive decay in the diagnosis of diseases. During the treatment procedure, the chemical compounds (pharmaceuticals) form radiopharmaceuticals. Many nuclear medicine schools are promising adequate training to the candidates in this specialized field to perform high.

After the emergence of the nuclear medicine, the tomographic imaging techniques were largely developed at the Washington University School of Medicine. Some other well known schools where nuclear medicine was developed include University of California San Francisco, University of Pittsburgh and many others. Before selecting a school for study, first you must ensure what the requirements are to get a job in radiology. Nuclear medicine is often practiced in the radiology departments of hospitals. There are different levels of education in nuclear medicine. They are available under the course of associate’s degree and post-medical schools residencies.

There are many nuclear medicine schools and colleges in the American and overseas for the interested students. Students can also consider a community or allied health professions school. They can earn an associate’s degree or certificate as a nuclear medicine technologist. After graduating, students can go for the specialization in nuclear medicine under residency or fellowship programs. One may look for the colleges that are recognized by professional organizations such as American Board of Nuclear Medicine.     

Some of the well known nuclear medicine schools are Miami Dade College, Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus, University of Iowa, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Central Arkansas, Ferris State University etc

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