How Does Technology Aid Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine is that field of medicine which involves the utilization of radionuclides for identification as well as treatment of ailments. Developments in technology and the use of sophisticated equipments have made several complicated examinations possible. Moreover, the use of computers has also supported the medical imaging procedures. Generally, the pictures of examined body organs are developed on the computer screen.

Another significant development in the field of nuclear medicine is the growing utilization of nuclear medicine software. These software packages are generally user-friendly and support different operating systems. Moreover, many of these packages are available for free online use. Over the years several companies have established themselves in the field of nuclear medicine software. The software products developed by these organizations has helped in easing off the burden for many radiologists, doctors, physicians and even patients who can expect speedy treatment.

OSIRIS is one such software package. The image display package supports Windows NT, Windows 95, Macintosh and UNIX X/window. Likewise, MRIcro is a software package that enables Windows Personal Computers to view, analyze as well as format images of brain. Moreover, the software could be utilized for exporting the images to any other platform.

MedViewTM is useful, multipurpose software. The software supports various operating systems like MAC, PACS and Windows. Moreover, it has several features such as display of multiple modalities, volume rendering, image fusion of hybrid CT/PET, modality specific color tables, creation of DICOM snapshots as well as tomographic tools and formats. Apart from these, the software also helps in making CDs and export of AVIs.

Several function-specific software packages like communication software, Cardiac Analysis Software and Brain Analysis Software.

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