The Job Of A Nuclear Medicine Technologist

A nuclear medicine technologist works in close collaboration with a nuclear medicine radiologist. He/she handles medical equipment, prepares and administers radiopharmaceuticals. Moreover, the individual also performs imaging procedures, observes the functions and characteristics of appropriate organs or tissue, improves the images with the help of a computer and analyzes biological specimens.

The technologists also create diagnostic images through cameras which help in detecting and mapping the radioactive drugs within the body of a patient. Moreover, they also describe the test procedures to all patients. The images created by them are interpreted by a doctor. They also maintain the record of patients and operate the diagnostic imaging equipments. Besides this, they evaluate the performance of radioactive material inside the patient’s body.

During the course of an imaging procedure, a nuclear medicine technologist needs the assistance of his/her patient. Moreover, the technologist is required to obtain crucial patient history, illustrate imaging procedures, answer the questions of patient, monitor the physical condition of his/her patient and make notes of the patient’s comments. These notes might be helpful to the doctor in interpreting the results of the procedure.

If an individual is interested to pursue nuclear medicine technology as a career, he/she needs to have a background in mathematics and science. Moreover, the individual must be interested to work with the patients. Both certification and degree programs are available in this field.

The technologists are employed in different clinical settings such as Public health facilities, outpatient imaging centers, community hospitals, private and government research institutes, medical institutions and university-affiliated teaching hospitals.

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