Be Assured About Your Baby with the Help of Pelvic/Ob Ultrasound

Pelvic or obstetrical ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography, is a treatment method of radiotherapy in which physicians use high-frequency sound waves to produce clear picture of the inside of the body. This noninvasive medical test does not use ionizing radiation because ultrasound images capture in real-time and show the structure and movement of the internal parts of your body such as blood vessels, tendons, muscles, joints and other internal organs.

Pelvic/Ob Ultrasound is commonly used during pregnancy and beside that there are many therapeutic applications and diagnostic practices in medicine. Basically, there are three types of pelvic ultrasound such as abdominal, vaginal (for women) and rectal (for men). A Doppler ultrasound exam may be part of a pelvic/obstetrical ultrasound imaging. Sonography is widely used in medicine to perform both diagnosis and therapeutic procedure. It is an effective method for imaging soft tissues of the body at a higher frequency (7-18MHz).

There are some common uses of pelvic ultrasound such as- to establish the presence and assess the position of a living fetus or embryo, to diagnose congenial abnormalities of the fetus, to determine the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby, to assess the growth of fetal and to see other internal functions. The obstetrical ultrasound test is possible to perform at any X-ray and imaging practice. Once the sonographer is satisfied that the pictures are correct then the test is over. In many cases the whole sonography process hardly takes one hour to give you result.


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