Negatives and Side Effects of PET/CT

Although PET/CT is an excellent imaging tool with many benefits there are some negatives and possible side effects of the procedure. These include:

· PET/CT is expensive. At over $2Million per machine the cost is prohibitive for smaller medical centers.

· PET/CT is a new technique and requires expertise in both nuclear medicine (PET) and other areas of radiology (CT). Technicians will need to be trained on both techniques, as opposed to just the one they were using before, as PET and CT are two completely different fields of radiology. Also surgeons who were trained to reads PET will have to be trained to read CT, and vice-versa, as the PET is functional and CT is analytical based. This will take both time and money, as well as leave some scope for human error.

· PET/CT can expose people to radiation, which is known to potentially increase the risk of cancer

· PET/CT cannot be used for people who are allergic to the contrast material (usually iodine) used in the imaging.

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