Proton Therapy: A Précised Radiation of Protons to Treat Cancer  

Proton therapy is a type of high-energy external radiation therapy that uses the streams of protons for the treatment of tumors. This is different from X-ray radiation. Protons are positive part of atoms that cause little damage to tissues they pass through and then release their energy after traveling a certain distance. This method allows proton beam radiation to deliver more radiation to the tumor and performs less damage to nearby normal tissues. Protons have relatively large mass and they are not scattered much during treatment. A beam of protons can be used to irradiate tumors in the same way. There is no different in the biological effects of X-rays and protons. The dose of radiation conforms to the tumor batter and physicians can effectively minimize the unwanted side effects.

In the treatment of cancer, proton therapy uses a beam of protons to irradiate tissue. It provides precisely localized doses of radiation as compared to the other types of external beam radiotherapy. The application of this therapy is the most required for the higher doses of radiation (dose escalation) to the disease sites. The high escalation is very useful for the treatment of ocular tumors, skull base and paraspinal tumors, unresectable sarcomas and others. It is also taken in the treatment process where increased precision of proton radiation is required to reduce unwanted side effects. This advantage is very effective in the treatment of pediatric neoplasms and prostate cancer. Some studies show that proton therapy causes a reduction in long term rectal and genitio-urinary damage. This therapy is also useful in the diagnosis of lung cancer, brain cancer, head and neck cancer, spinal or vertebral body tumors, eye melanomas.

Proton beam therapy needs specially trained radiation oncologist who can evaluate the patient and identify the specific area for treatment. It involves imaging studies for proper planning. This treatment process aims at delivering effective tumor control, less complication and side-effects that can substantially improve the quality of life.

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